Wednesday, September 17, 2008

IV Anyone????

School has been crazy! Its so much info to absorb and not enough time! We learned how to start IVs last week aaaahhh. So we practice on a fake arm and then they put us in the hospital and say go ahead start an IV on the poor pregnant lady who is having contractions. Go ahead and stick her and see how she likes the added pain go ahead. haha ya right. Im nervous. So I would like to apologize to my first patient, I will do my best, no worries I got it on the fake arm around the 3rd try! :) So if you are thinking about having a baby this saturday and you see me come into your room, no worries I have done this before!!!!

You can do it linds!

Um no thank you Ben!

School has been really crazy Ive never studied so much in my life and I still feel behind, probably cause I am blogging haha. oh well. Although it is hard, I am absolutely loving it, this past weekend I got to assist in the births of three babies! It was so amazing, I loved being a part of each family for a short time and help in making the experience wonderful. Its amazing the connection you can feel to a perfect stranger when they let you into their life and you are holding their hand helping them bring their child into this world.