Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Da...Da.Da.....HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!!

Happy Birthday Savannah!!!!

I am so lucky that I only had to live three years without you!!

Here are just some of the reasons why she is so awesome:

She read out loud to me the whole Harry Potter series (with voices)

She plays the piano amazingly and lets me sit next to her and sing my heart out and pretend to play.

I can call or text her at any time for random info such as movie quotes

I always have somebody to match with :)

She is beautiful

She makes me laugh and I can talk to her for hours

She speaks French and is going to teach me some key phrases, so we can rock Paris this summer

She makes driving such an experience
(talking on phone, driving, picture, posing....probably why my eyes are so big, hahaha whoops)
She can make some bomb faces
(she maybe could be a face contortionist, i can prove it but we vowed to never show that picture!)
She is super smart

Sometimes she loses her head

She loves suishi and took me for some on my B-day

She is my best friend!
(nice face court!)

Happy Birthday Savan! I love you! Hope you have a great day!!
My life would suck without you !

Oh ya and road trips are so freakin fun with her!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Study Sessions

Study time at Anna's
Books+ Notecards+ twin bed+ 4 squished friends= Good Times

We love studying!!! Um..... NOT!

The gang a Lindsay's house
(I don't know what got into me, gansta style???, it must have been the energy drink they gave me)