Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to School!

Nursing girls- Alexa, Anna, Lindsay and Me
We call ourselves Addy's girls cause it is us four girls and our buddy Adam who are always together and Adam's nickname that we gave him 1st semester is Addy.

So I think just a couple of posts ago I was celebrating finally passing my finals. Now I am thinking what the heck, I am already back to studying day and night. Yep, school has officially resumed, the first week I was still in holiday mode and not too into sitting and listening to lecture for hours on end. But the school mode finally kicked in this week or maybe it was the fact that they gave us two tests the second week of school. I am already up to my ears in 3by5 cards and my brain feels stuffed too full. I am hoping that this semester is a little lighter than last but im not sure that is looking too hopeful after the lectures that keep coming my way. And could someone please tell my teachers that if they plan on handing me five packets of powerpoints for one lecture and that they plan on standing up there and reading the packets as fast as they can to get through it all, That I can read and if you arent going to tell me anything that I can't read on your thousands of papers I would prefer to do it at home in my bed. Curse powerpoints. See you all in May!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

So my Birthday was Dec. 30th, a little late on the posting I know! I turned the big 23! I don't feel that old but oh well. I spent the day surrounded by my most favorite people in the whole world. My mom and sisters took me out for a wonderful breakfast at Paradise Bakery and for some reason we forgot to take pictures. Then I had a party at the park, complete with cupcakes, ice cream, princess hat, and the cutest kids ever! What else could a girl want??

Then my friends took me out for dinner and we had great time, let me tell you!

Me blowing out my Bday candle!

savannah and I trying out the sushi!

Brittany and Brooke trying the sushi!

I guess Britt didn't like it so much! Thats ok, at least you tried to like it Boofer!

Thanks to everyone who made my Birthday great!