Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break 2009!

The snowboarding clan!
Shelby, Olivia, Hannah, Kirsten, Emme, Meg, Finley, Me, Crew, Sutton, Cap, Kyler, Carter, Nick, Brady, and Crae
Bart, Steph and Travis are missing from the picture they were the skiers of the day!
Scott is also missing, he was are photographer and babysitter! thanks scotty

I spent this Spring break with up north with my family!
The whole way up north these are my thoughts, "Why the heck am I going to attempt to snowboard again?" You see, my first experience wasn't so great. It took me most of the day to get down the mountain one time, and after a headache, sore butt, getting the wind knocked out of me, a few tears and then taking off my snowboard and walking the rest of the way down, I vowed I would never be back. "why the heck am I trying this again?: And as you can see the beginnings of this trip weren't shaping up to be any better. Sorry Emme and Sutton, thanks for being my speed bumps!

But after some snowboarding school with my awesome classmates, I started to get the hang of it!
ps, Shelby its totally cool that we were the only adults trying to learn with about ten kids!!

Cap, Me, Shelby and Emme on our first run down the big hill!

Meg, Kirsten, Hannah and Me taking a break about half way down the mountain, man it kills your legs I thought my thighs were going to start on fire!

Um Bart's separated shoulder, refer to Stephanie's blog for that story!

Carter and I just chillin

Yeah I actually enjoyed snowboarding this time!
I will be back!