Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OH What do you do in the Summertime??

Oh what do we do in the summertime, when we are bored out of our minds and need to get out of the house?? Well if you are anything like us then you will be at Target walking aimlessly around hour upon hour, not buying anything we really need just enjoying the wonder that is Target!!
It always starts off with some awesome pizza and pretzels, I am sure the other people in the food area enjoyed the massive company of kiddos!

Fashion Show!!
Emily, Paige and Abby rockin the sunglasses!

Annessa Rockin it all!!! We let the kids try on anything they wanted, don't worry we put everything away hopefully!Abby looking stunning in a nice summer hat and glasses!

On your mark.......Get Set...............


And we vowed to the Target worker that we will never do it again!!

I am also posting this to ask for help for my sister Melissa. She has a bit of an addiction and I don't know how to break her of it. She has dreams about it and goes frequently to the store to see if this miraculous event has happened!

It had finally happened the day she had been dreaming about!

Target marked their items 75% off!! She was overjoyed and went a little crazy!!

This is the mystery guest that did not come with us to Target but we saw him there! He didn't want to be seen!

It was a great day at Target! Thanks to my mom and sisters my best friends who make anything we do fun! I could sit in a dumpster with them and still have the best time ever. Ok that would be gross but you get the message!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vacation #2 !!!!!!!


For our family vacation we got to go to Newport Beach! yay! It was such a blast! Most of the fam was there but we really missed those who couldn't come! Here are some fun pics of the things we did! Man I can't get enough of the beach and Disneyland, I think I am going to go back, who wants to come??
I decided to be nice and let Savannah and Thayne have the joy that comes from burying someone in the sand!!

We had a lot of fun at the swap meet and even spotted the Girls Next Door!!!!

Remi, me, Hannah, Court, Paige, Navy and Angi soakin up the sun!!

Crew and Navy relaxing in the hammock!!

Angi and I enjoying the carousel at Disneyland, see my big smile its cause I am at the Happiest Place on Earth and I am happy even on a little carousel ride!

Surfer Girls Annessa, Finley and Remi

Run!! The water almost washed away Ness and I!

Court, Shelby and I think that we have found our claim to fame!! Sand Sculpting!! Here is our Turtle that we shaped with our bare hands!!
The sculpters with our work of art!!

Strike a pose there's nothin to it!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Recap Vacation #1

My summer started off with a bang as my nursing school friends and I set off to Disneyland to celebrate the passing of our first semester!

Some random guitar player, Ben, Adam, Anna, Alexa and ME!

The chicas!

Loving Life on Splash Mountain!

The Boys not to wild about mr. toad or maybe the fact the we made them ride together!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Friend Boofer

I am sure that a lot of you think you have a friend who is really a great friend. You are wrong! I have the best friend ever, her name is Brittany but I like to call her Boofer, Boof Dizzle, Boofy, Boof and Boofer Smoofer ok I really don't call her any of those just boofer. This girl is amazing, I have never met anyone more giving of herself! She is always there for me in everything that I do! So as she was sitting here making my blog for me last night looking for pics of me (like an awesome friend would do) she says to me,"do you have any cute pics of me?". I didn't answer her, but thought to myself "oh boy do I!" So here are just some of the many hott pics of my friend Boofer (including the photo shoot that I took of her last night!)

She rarely gets mad!

She is very talented!

She has awesome hair!

She can do many tricks!

Her hair does very well under humidity!

Ok sorry if anyone is disturbed by this and I hope you don't get mad Britt, but come on who looks this good sitting on the pot!

She jumps very high!

She makes a very sexy cowgirl! rarr!

She has very cute feet!

She is a great model!

And not only is she a model but she is also an actress check out this commercial she did for Root Beer!

Thanks Britt for everything your the best!

Friday, July 18, 2008

And so it begins.....

I decided that I hate being left out of things, so here I am, my first post. I have actually tried to start a blog a couple of times and everytime I got to the first part where you have to put in a title I would sit there for about ten minutes and then give up. Then Britt came over tonight and I was telling her that I need to start this. We decided that if I would curl her hair she would start my blog up for me.With Britt on the computer and me behind her, curling iron in hand this is what we came up with. So here it is, just the beginning we will see how it turns out. Britts hair turned out freaking hot just to let you know. I will post pictures of the photo shoot we are about to do! Enjoy! Thanks Boofer!