Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have been home all week by myself, studying, while my family is enjoying October break at the cabin, in california or who knows where but they are not with me!

I miss my mom

I miss my permanent fixtures here to greet me every morning and share my oatmeal.

I miss looking for an after school snack every five minutes when the kids get home.

I miss seeing the bus lady and wondering if she thinks that I never get dressed.

I miss the noisy chaos that is normally my home.

I miss going to bed at night and hearing the girls coughing in the next room. (ok maybe not the coughing)

I miss boot camp (can we please start that again sista 6?)

and I am SICK and TIRED of studying,
but good news I have less than a month left of school!!!

Family please come home to me, I am going crazy by myself! Kthanksbye


Tiffany Haynes said...

Poor Briley. I might just have to come visit you:)

You're throwing a massive party when you're done with school right?!

sydney's blog said...

why didn't you go with them and wheres scootie or brittany. love you sydney brook sinner look at my blog

Shelby said...

Wow - I am still here! Hurt my feelings. Actually we can't wait to say "Hip Hip Hooray Briley is done with school!" So we can get our Briley back, because we miss our Sista 8!!

Courtney said...

I miss you too SISTA 8. My days have not been the same without you!! There has even been tears!
Seperation TEARS!! We must be brought back together. You are almost done! Hang in there! But the scary thought is what will be next?? A JOB??? TEARS AGAIN!! I just can't controll them.
Do you think maybe tomorrow there will be waffles instead of oatmeal??

Brittany said...

I got a little teary eyed (I admit) when I read your post. Not because it was touching how much you love your family, or that you are so lonely (and heaven only knows how much i HATE being alone), but the tears REALLY came when I read that you have LESS THAN A MONTH! Because I have 16 more. :( WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Brook said...

Yeah, I miss boot camp and I miss you too! I haven't seen you forever! I am ready for you to graduate and then we can party!!